Pets and Your Indoor Air

Pets and Your Indoor Air

Nadir Chaudhry30/5/19

There are countless emotional and mental health benefits of having a pet. A pet can provide a level of comfort that is immeasurable but can also have a tumultuous relationship with indoor air. Pets produce dander that can contaminate your indoor air if you’re not careful, and polluted air can harm your pet’s health. It’s a tricky cycle.

When it comes to having pets and keeping your air clean, PureFilters has you covered. We offer a wide variety of furnace filters, including ones with high MERV ratings equipped to take on any pet hair or dander that may be contaminating your indoor air. We are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to purchase and change furnace filters. By having three distribution centres in Canada, we are able to keep the process seamless by getting your new filter to your door within three to five days after your purchase.

Repurchasing your filter will be just as easy! A few months after you buy your filter, we will send along a reminder email to notify you that it’s time to change your filter. All you have to do is hit that one-click repurchase button in the notification email and your new filter will be on its way! Don’t fret if you need a different filter better suited to collecting pet dander; learn about our return policy to see how seamless we make the exchange process. It’s important to know how having a pet can impact what furnace filter you choose and how often you should change it. It’s an incredible thing to have a pet, it’s just important to be aware of how pets can impact your indoor air quality and vice versa. These are the main things to keep in mind when it comes to indoor air quality and your pets:

Pet Dander

MedicineNet defines dander as tiny scales shed from animal hair or skin. This dander typically becomes airborne, collects on surfaces throughout your home, and contributes to a good portion of dust in any household. According to Medium, because this dander is so light and small, it stays airborne for long periods if you aren’t cautious about ventilating and filtering your indoor air. Pet dander can get into a lot of places, as it has jagged edges which makes it stick to surfaces easily. Dander can be found in or on a variety of places including:
  • Chair cushions
  • Air ducts
  • Underneath beds
  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Baseboards
  • Cracks and crevices in walls and flooring
  • Closets
How to Reduce Dander: Of course, your furnace filter can’t do the job of cleaning up after your pets by itself — it needs your help. Brushing and bathing your pet regularly is imperative when it comes to reducing pet dander. Additionally, it is important to clean your pet’s bedding so that its dander doesn’t start to collect and become airborne. According to Everyday Health, additional things you can do to help prevent the spread of pet dander in your home include:
  • Keeping pets out of bedrooms
  • Maintain clean bedding
  • Utilize sprays and shampoos that offset dander
  • Regular grooming
  • Regular vacuuming

Furnace Filters

What Filter to Buy:  Furnace filters with a higher MERV rating are usually better at withstanding pet dander and other air pollutants. Typically, MERV 11 and higher are ideal filters to use if you have pets in your home. The great thing about PureFilters is that we have a huge selection of different filter brands so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. When to Change Filters: Having a pet doesn’t only impact what type of furnace filter you should invest in, but also how often you should be replacing it. Although some filters are more resistant to pet allergens and are better at trapping them, if you have pets, you will likely need to change your filter more often. After all, it is likely working harder to collect all the pet dander.

Health Impacts

Your Health: Pet dander is an allergen that a huge portion of the population reacts to. We all love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we want to breathe in all the stuff that they shed and leave on the surfaces of your home. Breathing in these allergens can make it hard to breathe and trigger asthma. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 30% of those suffering from asthma also are allergic to dogs or cats. Your Animal’s Health: Let’s be honest, there are things besides pet dander that can impact air quality. From dust to mold, there are a variety of things that can pollute your indoor air. If living in contaminated air is bad for you, it’s definitely bad for your pet as well.

Keep in mind how often your pet puts their face on your floor and carpet — those are areas where a lot of contaminants and bacteria live. When it comes to having a pet, it’s not only important to consider how your pet impacts your air quality, but also how your air quality impacts your pet. According to the Vancouver Sun, animals can also react to airborne allergens. Reactions can include breathing trouble, irritated eyes, and coughing.

About PureFilters

PureFilters is a Canadian owned online brand committed to providing high-quality filters. Although we sell a wide variety of furnace filters, we are a customer service company first and foremost dedicated to making your purchasing process as seamless as possible. When you shop with us, we strive to make the experience as streamlined as possible. After browsing our collection of filters and other products online, all you have to do is put through your order and your filter will be at your door within three to five days! Because we cut out the middle man and get our products from a local manufacturer, we are able to provide cost-effective filters. Additionally, we have three distribution centres which help us get you your product a lot faster. Get in touch today for your next furnace filter!

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