The Truth About Washable Filters

The Truth About Washable Filters

Nadir Chaudhry30/5/19

Not all furnace filters are made equal. Some furnace filters are better at trapping dust and other particulates, while some need to be replaced more frequently than others. Filters range in material and capabilities, as indicated by their MERV rating. You have a lot of options when shopping for your replacement filter — from disposable to fiberglass to washable filters, the choices are endless. That being said, not every filter is a good choice. For example, fiberglass furnace filters are flimsy and have a low MERV rating. These types of filters don’t get the job done and end up leaving your indoor air contaminated. Washable filters are another example of a poor filter option.

That being said, people are attracted to these filters because they are seemingly less wasteful — one is supposed to last you a year in comparison to the average disposable filter that needs to be replaced every three months. The thing is, you can find the same convenience with other filters. At PureFilters, we make it easy to buy a replacement filter of any kind.

PureFilters is a Canadian air filtration brand committed to helping you keep your indoor quality clean.  We have all kinds of filters available in our online shop. We are happy to provide all furnace filters brands, a wide collection of filters with a range of MERV ratings and so much more.

There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding washable filters — for example, because you need to buy them less frequently, it is thought that these filters are actually more cost effective. What is less known, however, is the amount of maintenance and risk that comes with these filters. Be sure to learn all there is to know about washable filters so that you can make an educated decision regarding the best filter for your home:

Limited MERV Ratings

MERV ratings indicate the capabilities of a furnace filter — how strong it is, what kind of particulates it can trap etc. Washable air filters are only available in MERV ratings 1 to 4. What happens if you have a pet? You’re better off with a disposable filter that has a stronger MERV rating of at least 11 to better trap allergens like pet dander. When it comes to washable filters, the limitation of low MERV ratings is reason enough to weigh your other options. Truth be told, filters with such low ratings just don’t cut it — especially if you have pets or kids.

They Require a Lot of Maintenance

Washable filters require monthly maintenance, in comparison to disposable filters that only need to be changed every three months. Not only do you have to maintain these filters regularly, but they require thorough cleaning. For a washable filter to be effective, you need to wash off all of the dust its collected — and then wait for it to dry before putting it back. On average, these filters take about 15 minutes to clean. According to Statistics Canada, 22 percent of Canadians only change their filter once a year — and you expect them to spend 15 minutes to clean a washable filter?

They Aren’t Cost Effective

Washable filters are the most expensive filters on the market — they can run you anywhere between $30 and $100 online. The argument is that this is a one-time fee, but when you think about the time invested in maintaining these filters and their lacklustre functionalities, are they really that cost effective? We offer cost-effective disposable filters including our own Purefilters filter brand! Our filters are affordable because they don’t have the extra cost associated with brand names. Because these are our filters, we are able to control their affordability — why would we have you pay top dollar just for a logo? For us, it’s about quality, convenience and — most of all — customer service.

They Aren’t Any More Convenient Than Disposable Filters

Washable filters are sold based on the idea that they are a lot more convenient than disposable filters. The marketed concept is that you just need to buy one upfront, and don’t have to keep buying a replacement — at least, not as often as when you have a disposable filter. Clearly, those who buy washable filters don’t know how easy it is to buy a replacement disposable furnace filter at PureFilters! We have three distribution centers in major Canadian cities which allow us to ensure that when you purchase a filter from us, it’ll be at your door in three to five business days. In addition to making the initial purchase seamless, we have a system in place to make sure that replacing your filter is just as easy. After you purchase your first filter, you’ll get a notification a few months later reminding you that it’s time to replace it — the email will even come with a one-click repurchase link. All you have to do is click the link and your new filter will be on its way to you.

Regular Filters Take a Lot Less Time & Effort

Why go through all the trouble of maintaining a washable filter when you can just buy a disposable one? These filters are incredibly convenient — all you have to do when you’re done with one is toss it in the garbage.

They Make Your Furnace Work Harder

Because washable filters are made differently, they don’t allow for as much airflow — this means your furnace will have to work even harder to filter your air. This is yet another reason why they are not as economical as they are cracked up to be — imagine the energy bills!

They are Less Effective

The reality is that regular disposable filters do a better job at trapping small particulates like pet dander and dust. Washable filters tend only to trap bigger particles — in fact, they trap only 6 percent of sub-micron particles. This means that the smaller allergens they can’t trap just continue to circulate in your air. Gross, right?

Make Changing Your Furnace Filter Easy with PureFilters

PureFilters is a Canadian online brand committed to customer satisfaction and keeping your indoor air quality clean. We strive to make buying furnace filters as easy as possible — because there are few things as challenging as maneuvering contaminated indoor air.

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