These are the Aesthetic Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Indoor Air

These are the Aesthetic Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Indoor Air

Nadir Chaudhry21/10/19

There is not one single solution that ensures good indoor air quality. Like most things in life, air quality is about a balance — a combination of good cleaning habits, using the right products, and changing your furnace filter regularly.


As an air filtration brand that’s proud to offer the best furnace filters in Canada, it’s our responsibility to make it very clear that investing in a quality furnace filter is only the first step towards quality indoor air.


After all, the best furnace filter can still pose as a health and fire risk if you don’t change it regularly — this is because these filters trap particulates that can clog and become problematic if not cleaned or swapped out frequently.


The best thing you can do for your indoor air quality is to execute a healthy balance of good cleaning habits like regular dusting, change your furnace filter often and integrate some décor into your home that have filtration and purification properties!


Keeping your indoor air clean doesn’t have to be all cleaning and furnace filters — it can be fun and aesthetic too!


When it comes to your indoor air, it’s essential to make good choices to improve your home indoor air quality — like using strong pleated filters and swapping out fake indoor plants for real, air purifying house plants!


Between house plants and sleek finishing and furnishings, your décor can make a world of difference for the quality of your indoor air. Here are some of the interior décor choices that can help you keep your air clean — in style:


Decor: Salt Lamps, House Plants & Beeswax Candles

 Indoor Air quality tips

Salt Lamps


Salt lamps don’t only look cool in your home — they are a natural ionic air purifier! These lamps made from solid Himalayan salt have a bulb inside, which is lit to give off a slight, amber light to brighten up your home. They are often pink due to their high concentration of minerals.


According to Medical News Today, salt lamps improve indoor air quality by releasing negative ions that neutralize the toxins in your environment to help keep your air clean. They are also known to have hygroscopic properties that can attract air pollutants.


 Salt lamps are available as solid pieces of salt, or baskets with large salt crystals.


House Plants


Back in 1989, NASA did an experiment that showed that indoor plants have capabilities to remove VOC’s from indoor air.


It’s time to bring the outside in! The bigger a plant’s leaves, the better it is for air purification. While fake plants collect dust and in turn can contribute to air contamination, countless houseplants can help purify your air. These include:


·       Aloe Vera

·       English Ivy

·       Spider Plant

·       Areca Palm

·       Lady Palm


·       Peace Lily

·       Snake Plant

·       Philodendron

·       Golden Pothos

·       Marginata & more



These purifying plants can be purchased at most home improvement stores and are easy to maintain for the most part.


Plants will not only purify your air but will bring freshness and greenery into your home, making for an aesthetic and clean atmosphere.


Beeswax Candles


Although some scented candles can pollute your air with their properties, beeswax candles actually ionize air to neutralize any contaminants in your home. They are believed to also release negative ions that neutralize air contaminants like allergens, pet dander and dust.


Since these candles are natural and don’t boast fake fragrances like standard candles, they are already much better for your air than the alternative.


Indoor Air quality tips 

Oil Diffuser


Oil diffusers can make a great addition to your home — and improve your indoor air. Oil diffusers are available in so many styles that it’s not challenging to find one with a unique design to bring a minimalist yet bohemian vibe to your space.


That said, while oil diffusers look great, they also do great things for your indoor air quality. Essential oils like oregano, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon and grapefruit help your air combat particulates like mould and bacteria.


Pop these oils into your diffuser, let them inhabit your home and enjoy the refreshing smell and air!


Indoor Air quality tips 


Finishings: Windows, Paint & Natural Wood


Large Windows


Expansive windows are a great addition to any home as they open up spaces and make them look luxurious. That said, big windows — when opened — also help to filter in the fresh air. These windows look good, and do wonders for your indoor air — where can you go wrong?




The right paint colour and sheen can elevate your home’s aesthetic, but the right paint type can mean a world of difference for your indoor air quality. When you pick your paint, choose the shade that will be aesthetically pleasing but also keep your eye out for paints that are low in VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).


Natural Wood


Wood accents and furniture can have a positive impact on your indoor air quality — that is, if they are made from natural wood.


Overpressed wood products, on the other hand, have chemical seals that do the complete opposite for your air. According to Mother Earth Living, pressed wood products tend to be high in formaldehyde — a VOC  — and other chemicals that can become airborne.


Furnishing: Antique Furniture

Indoor Air quality tips 

Buy Used Furniture  


It’s time to bring some antique items into your home! Not only do antiques contribute to a unique, classic aesthetic, but they release less off-gassing. If you aren’t familiar, off-gassing is the releasing of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into your air — and furniture is one of the most common sources of off-gassing and these toxic chemicals.


As your furniture gets older, it releases fewer VOCs. This is why buying old or antique furniture is a great way to reduce air contaminants while also improving the design of your home.


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