These Are the Most Common Pollutants in Your Air

These Are the Most Common Pollutants in Your Air

Nadir Chaudhry25/10/19

Considering that most of us spend 90 percent of our time indoors, it’s shocking how little we know about the contaminants that pollute our air. Most associate pollution with outdoor environments, but countless particulates can become airborne in our home and contaminate our indoor air.


It would surprise most to know that a lot of the pollutants in our indoor air actually come from our daily habits and products that we use regularly. That said, these contaminants may be hard to see, but they are not hard to get rid of — that is, if you take the time to develop good habits.


The best habit you can form for the sake of your indoor air quality is to change your furnace filter regularly. Filters help trap harmful particulates in your air but need to be replaced frequently. Once your filter has trapped enough particulates, it won’t be able to trap anymore and instead will just become clogged.


This clogging can be a fire hazard, which is altogether a situation we suggest avoiding for obvious reasons. At PureFilters, we are your source for online air filter purchases and can help you find your furnace filter. We make it easy to keep your air clean by offering subscription services and one-click repurchase links to ensure that you can change your furnace filters easily and regularly.


When you purchase from us, we will always remind you three months later when it’s time to replace your furnace filter. We will send you a notification email complete with a one-click repurchase link so that you can get your next furnace filter in no time. If you are looking for a custom sized furnace filter for a warehouse, we’ll be able to meet your needs.


We are a customer service company that sells air quality — we make filtering your indoor air contaminants as seamless and convenient as possible.


The Government of Canada identifies three different types of indoor air pollutants: biological pollutants, chemical pollutants and radiological pollutants.


These are the most common pollutants that are contaminating your air:


Biological Pollutants

Common Pollutants in Your Air 

Biological pollutants are pollutants that are released by any living organism. For example, mould, fungi, dust mites, pollen, spores and house mites are all considered biological pollutants.


Dust Mites: Dust is an amalgamation of dead skin and other particles. That said, it’s important to filter out dust from your home with good cleaning habits, and the help of a functioning furnace filter.


Dust isn’t just accumulated dirt — it can have an impact on your health. Dust mites can cause itching sensations (especially in eczema sufferers), and can trigger allergic reactions.


Pollen: Anyone with seasonal allergies will tell you just how much of a nuisance pollen can be. Pollen is a naturally created allergen that travels inside from the outdoors, seemingly just to curse us by triggering allergic reactions.


Even though there are ways that you can try to keep pollen outside, it’s impossible to prevent pollen from getting into your air completely. That said, if it becomes airborne in your home, furnace filters can help filter out this contaminant.


Chemical Pollutants

Common Pollutants in Your Air 

These are toxic contaminants that are released by chemicals in the form of gasses, particles and vapours. These pollutants include nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, lead and volatile organic compounds.


Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a common chemical pollutant that can get released into your indoor air in various ways. One way it can get into your home is off-gassing — the releasing of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into your air.


The other way formaldehyde can become airborne is through any burning activity ranging from lit fireplaces, to use of wood-burning stoves to smoking cigarettes. This pollutant can also be a result of vehicle exhaust from an attached garage.


Formaldehyde can be harmful to your health, and in extreme cases can cause burning of the eyes, nose and throat. More commonly, this substance triggers allergies and causes breathing problems —especially in those who already have asthma.


Pair a functioning furnace filter with an air purifying plant that combats formaldehyde, and your indoor air will thank you.


Carbon Monoxide: Many people have carbon monoxide detectors in their home, but what about the lower levels of carbon monoxide that these products don’t detect? Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and gets breathed in without people even knowing,


Indoor smoking and outdoor pollution travelling into your home are both ways that carbon monoxide gets released into your air. The gas can also result from any burning activity whether you are burning gas, wood or any other fuel. To protect your home from carbon monoxide, it’s essential to make sure your windows aren’t airtight so that the gas doesn’t get trapped inside.


The thing is, when your furnace runs at a low efficiency or is dirty, it produces a higher volume of this gas — so changing your furnace filter regularly plays a major role in reducing this chemical pollutant.

Radiological Pollutants

These Are the Most Common Pollutants in Your Air 

These are contaminants that are released by any radioactive substance.


Radon: Radon is the primary radiological pollutant that finds its way into your indoor air. This radioactive gas is commonly outdoors but can find its way into your home where it can get trapped and become hazardous.


Due to the fact that radon is a gas, it can’t be filtered out — but a working furnace filter that filters your air can reduce the risks associated with the substance.


Filter Your Air with PureFilters


From your furniture to the products you use to the allergens that travel from the outdoors into your home, your indoor air gets exposed to a lot of contaminants — but it’s within your control to fight these pollutants. With the help of a functioning furnace filter from PureFilters, you will be equipped to keep your air filtered.


When you order a furnace filter from us, you can rest easy knowing that we will get your air filtration device to your door step within three to five days.


With three distribution centres in major Canadian cities, we are able to cut out the middle man and sell quality filters at a fair cost. Be sure to shop our expansive collection today — we sell filters for residential and commercial needs. We are a customer service company that happens to sell air quality.

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