These Are the Rooms in Your House with The Worst Air Quality

These Are the Rooms in Your House with The Worst Air Quality

Nadir Chaudhry30/5/19

Maintaining quality indoor air is vital — not only for the cleanliness of your home, but for your health and the health of everyone else who shares your space. It’s a good idea to invest in air filters of the highest quality to make sure that your air is well ventilated — especially because there are certain rooms in your home that have poorer circulation by nature. For one, you’re definitely going to want to focus on improving the air quality in the rooms that you spend more time in.

For example, you certainly want to make sure that you’re breathing clean air when you sleep, which is why it’s important to keep your bedroom’s air clean. It’s essential to know how often you should change furnace filters to effectively keep these rooms that are prone to contaminants pollutant free.

At PureFilters, we are committed to helping you find the right furnace filter for your home; our distribution centres in Canada are well-stocked with filters varying in model, size and MERV rating. We ensure that everyone will be able to find the air purification tool that best suits their needs. Our company is committed to making it as easy as possible to replace your furnace filter and to purify your home’s air. If you are looking to improve your indoor air, start with these rooms in your home that are most susceptible to poor air quality:


If you have poor ventilation in your bedroom or your furnace filter isn’t cutting it after you caved and let your pet share your bed for the last week, it’s a good idea to opt for a stronger filter. PureFilters sells MERV 11 filters that are ideal for those who have pets. The thing is that if you don’t vacuum your room often and neglect cleaning your sheets, between accumulated dust or even pet dander, you’ll be stuck with a bedroom with pretty poor air quality.

This is problematic considering you sleep in your bedroom and breathe its air pretty frequently. Consider the fact that you not only sleep in your room but spend a lot of time in there just unwinding watching your show or reading a book. How does it make you feel to think that all that time you spend trying to relax in your bedroom, you’re actually negatively impacting your health by breathing in countless allergens like dust mites? Improve your bedroom quality by vacuuming, washing your sheets and pillowcases, and keeping the space clutter free to ensure proper air flow. It’s also a good idea to crack open that window every so often to make sure you have good air circulation going. An added advantage to improving your bedroom’s air quality is that it can significantly help your sleep!


Unfortunately, cooking can release some harmful contaminants into the air, which can turn one of your favourite rooms (it’s one of ours too) into one that can actually harm your health if you’re not careful. Cooking, especially if you’re frying and using electronic appliances, can release the following into your air according to The New York Times:
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Particulate Matter
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
We’re definitely not saying to stop cooking (that’s just absurd), but it’s crucial that you are aware of how cooking can impact your indoor air so that you take the necessary steps to keep the area’s air clean. For one, air purifiers and furnace filters help trap bacteria, chemicals and other materials that can contaminate the air. indoor air quality testing


Considering you keep your car and countless discarded appliances in your garage (don’t pretend you don’t), you can imagine the quality of its air. Garages always end up home to discarded cleaners, paints, pesticides and more. According to Real Simple, when left unattended for extended periods of time, these materials corrode, leak and react to the air. They become more toxic over time as their chemicals become increasingly more corrosive in response to temperature and air changes. Garages are susceptible to incredibly polluted air quality, which can pose a huge concern — after all, the last thing you want is for these contaminants to make their way into your home. When you open the door from your garage to your home, it’s easy for these pollutants to travel and stay airborne.

indoor air quality testing 

Storage Room

Chances are, your storage room is where all your old, underused (i.e. rarely used) items and appliances go to die — or at least sit and collect dust for a very, very long time. This clutter results in poor air ventilation and makes it generally harder to clean the area. After all, when you have boxes and boxes of things, where do you even start to clean? To avoid this dilemma, it’s best to keep your storage space tidy and clear it out religiously every 6 months or so. That way, when you put an item in storage, you’re not adding it to a massive pile of junk. According to, storage clutter like cardboard boxes and old clothes can even be a source of mould growth. indoor air quality testing

Laundry Room

Your laundry room tends to be damp from, well, washing clothes. Plus, we all have that moment when we forget that we have a load of laundry in the machine and let wet clothing sit until we remember after the fact. This, of course, isn’t advised, but it happens to the best of us. The thing is that because this room is damper than others in your home, it’s susceptible to mould — which can release mould spores into the air and hinder its air purity.  

According to Apartment Therapy, it’s key to keep your home’s humidity levels around 45 percent, because anything over 50 percent puts your home at risk to mould growth. It’s a good idea to keep your washer and dryer sealed when they aren’t being used. This will help to prevent your laundry room from becoming a breeding ground for mould and other air pollutants that can get into the rest of your home. If you notice a mouldy smell, it’s a good idea to clean out the room before the situation gets any worse. Furnace filters with a high MERV rating do a good job of filtering out mould spores so that these mould-prone rooms don’t create a serious problem for your indoor air quality as a whole.

Improve the Air Quality in These Rooms with a Furnace Filter

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