What Furnace Filters Work Best for Eczema Sufferers?

What Furnace Filters Work Best for Eczema Sufferers?

Nadir Chaudhry27/12/19

As soon as the winter weather hits, eczema sufferers can expect to have a break out due to the weather change.


Even pollutants in the home can lead to an eczema outbreak – the dust inside a home builds up and can trigger allergies. House dust can contain pet dander, mold, and dust mites, which are a cause for eczema.


If you purchase the right furnace filter, like the ones we offer on our PureFilters website, as well as change it regularly, you can expect to see improvements for your eczema symptoms.


Choosing the right filter is essential, and here are some ways to determine what filters work best. 


What are the Types of Filters?


The two types of filters that exist are mechanical and electrical. The disposable types, like the ones we offer at PureFilters, your Canadian furnace filter supplier, are mechanical, and the permanent ones that you don’t need to dispose of are electrical.


Mechanical filters generally are pleated and made from paper and polyester or fiberglass. 


Electrical filters have a solid plastic or aluminum frame where you can use a vacuum or even wipe it off with water. Also, these filters collect particles because the filter is charged one way and the dust the other way, and this causes them to attract to each other.


One downside to this kind of filter is that it needs more upkeep, and if you struggle to remember to maintain your filter, then it may not be the right option for you. Plus, it’s essential to check and see if your HVAC system is compatible with certain types of filters. 


If remembering to change filters is challenging for you, we offer an automated subscription for filter refills. The process is simple, and you get to select the filter of your choosing and decide how frequently you want the filter delivered.


Our secure system will save your credit card, automatically bill your account and ship your filters right to your door. Subscriptions are available every month, every three months, every six months, or every 12 months.  


The option that will be ideal for you depends on how many filters you plan on ordering and how often you’ll need to replace your filters. If you are unaware of how often you need to change your filters, you can find this information on PureFilter’s product page.


By signing up for our automated subscription service, you will save time and money (we offer a 10% discount for a limited time if you subscribe to our service) which is why so many people opt for this service.


Why HEPA Doesn’t Work


Even though some air purifiers use HEPA to reduce allergens, these will not work for home HVAC systems. One reason for this is that they are too restrictive with airflow, and will end up causing the system to break down.


Moreover, if you seek out a reusable type of filter with an electrical plug that claims it will purify the air of your entire house, you need to know that these filters are costly and do not work for all HVAC systems. Then, you’ll have to upgrade your system, which could be a hassle. 


Furnace Filters with High MERV Ratings


If you have never given any thought to choosing a furnace filter, now is the time to make the right selection for your household.


By opting for a proper furnace filter, your air quality will improve, and you’ll also save money by not having to replace them as often as you would a low-quality filter. 


If you’re doing some online shopping, you may have noticed that our filters have a MERV rating on them. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which is a measurement that rates how effective a filter is.


If your filter has a higher MERV rating, then you’ll know it has a better chance at trapping dust and particles, as well as allergens. If you choose a filter from 8 to 13, then you will have a good chance of battling your eczema symptoms. 


Even though a MERV 8 furnace filter functions for most households, furnace filters with a MERV 13 rating are the gold standard for reducing allergens and are especially effective at reducing eczema symptoms.


They are recommended for people who suffer from allergies and are able to trap dust, debris, pollen, pet dander, car fumes, smoke, bacteria, and micro allergens. 


reducing allergens


Customers who upgrade to a MERV 13 filter will notice improvements in sleep, fewer headaches, increased energy, and a higher quality of living.


If you’re interested in a MERV 13 filter and trying to find where to buy furnace filters, we have a wide selection at PureFilters. 


How to Keep Your Filter Running Smoothly 


If you want to maintain your filter and make sure it functions properly, you’ll have to change the filter regularly. Our products at PureFilters specify how long before you’ll need to change them.


However, a general rule of thumb is that MERV 8 to a MERV 12 furnace filter should be changed every three months. If you have allergies, you may be replacing the filters more often than this. 


What Type of Filter is Best for Eczema?


As previously mentioned, if you suffer from eczema, then you’ll be happy to know that you can upgrade your furnace filter to one with a high MERV rating.


A filter with a MERV 13 rating is not that much more expensive, and can drastically improve allergy symptoms and pollutants that cause eczema. 


If you decide to go with one of these types of filters, be sure to clean your furnace filter regularly and change it often. 


If eczema is a condition that plagues you every winter, you can take the necessary steps to prevent yourself from having a flare-up.


By choosing a high-quality air filter that eliminates common allergens in the home, you can have a comfortable winter and enjoy your time in your house. 

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