How to Choose a Furnace Filter

How to Choose a Furnace Filter

Nadir Chaudhry13/1/20

Your furnace filter protects your furnace by cleaning the air that passes through it and that eventually circulates throughout your home. Without the filter, dust particles would build up in the air, causing your furnace to strain and possibly break down, and making it difficult for you and your family to breathe.

While a furnace filter does keep your indoor air clean, it’s a common misconception that this is its main job. On the contrary, it exists to give your furnace a long life of keeping you and your loved ones warm.

Given its important purpose, you should of course replace your furnace filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, and clean it at least monthly for optimum performance. And when it comes to your family, our team here at PureFilters has you covered with a selection of filters for every household. Our expert staff is ready to guide you through your purchase, explaining proper maintenance practices every step of the way.

The most crucial part of this process is sharing our specialized knowledge with you, our valued customer, so you can care for your furnace with diligence and confidence. Feel free to read more about common pollutants in your air before considering the following notes on choosing the right furnace filter.

Think About Your Needs

When it comes to furnace maintenance, regularly cleaning and replacing your filter will save you from a host of problems. These include a home that is too cold for comfort in the winter time, and inner air quality that could be dangerous for anyone suffering from asthma or a chronic respiratory ailment.

Because the stakes are so high, you must fit this maintenance into your busy life so as to not forget it. Ask yourself if your schedule is more suited to disposable pleated filters, which need to be replaced every three months, or does a fiberglass filter, which must be replaced monthly, make more sense to your budget and lifestyle? If you’re in it for the long haul, maybe you’d be more comfortable with a washable or electrostatic filter that can last up to 10 years if cleaned every month.

While it can be a hassle to drive to a hardware store after a long day, our solution at PureFilters is as easy as can be. We are happy to offer furnace filter subscriptions on certain products so you can set it and check it off your list. That way, all you have to do is pop out the old filter and insert the new one to enjoy clean air throughout your home.

We can also send you email reminders with a purchase link so you never miss a replacement date. Being a homeowner is full of an endless array of things that need repairing and looking after. Why take hours out of your day when you could just pick up a shipment at your front door? Choose from our huge selection of furnace filters so you can enjoy your home without having to worry about every breath you take.

Know the Different Types

Furnace filters differ according to how long they last and the size of the particles they’re able to protect you from. Depending on your health and age, you may need a more heavy-duty product that can provide you with an atmosphere where you can be at your best.

You measure a filter’s efficiency by its MERV rating, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The scale goes from 1-20 with 20 being the most effective at stopping particles from entering your air supply. Let’s explore MERV ratings in more detail as we run through some popular types of filters.

  • Fiberglass: this variety is the most affordable but least effective on the market. They protect you from dust and pollen, but leave smaller particles like smoke and bacteria untouched. Though they must be replaced every month, they only carry a MERV rating of 4 and under.


  • Electrostatic furnace filters are made of pieces of vented metal that generate static electricity as air passes through them. The positive charge attracts larger particles like carpet and textile fibers, but will do little when it comes to anything as small as pollen or mold spores. In spite of the minimal protection, these filters need to be replaced every year and washed every month to make a difference. Their MERV ratings also only go as high as 4.


  • Pleated: this variety is made from paper, cotton, or polyester, and is the standard in most homes. You can purchase disposable ones, which need to be replaced every three months, or permanent high-efficiency models that are good for anyone with respiratory issues. You can find them with a MERV rating of 8 and above, meaning they protect you from bacteria like Legionella and volatile organic compounds from household cleaning products.


  • HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters work by pushing air through a very fine mesh to trap over 99% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns. They’ll quickly take care of bacteria and viruses to prevent airborne disease, but are less effective when it comes to gases and odours. HEPA filters have MERV ratings in the high teens and are most common in hospitals.

high-efficiency particulate air filters

Only Do Business With the Best

On top of providing you with a quality selection of furnace filters, we at PureFilters enjoy going the extra mile to ensure you have a memorable experience with us. This is why we’re constantly evolving our business to use logistics, e-commerce, and the power of technology to serve you better:

  • We’ll send you an email reminder with a customized repurchase link to replace your filter. You could also automate your purchases at the frequency that best suits your particular furnace.
  • You can expect reliable delivery in no more than 3-5 days thanks to our three distribution centres evenly spread across Canada.
  • We’ve also partnered with experienced manufacturers and cut out the middle men to do business with you directly at more favourable prices.

This is just the beginning of PureFilters’ mission to bring fresh air to Canadian households by keeping their furnaces in tip-top shape.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about furnace filters, you have a better idea about what it takes to maintain high-quality indoor air. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our customer service representatives for a kind and thorough response.

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