Vacuum Bags

PureFilters carries a wide range of vacuum bags.

Our vacuum bags are sourced directly from certified manufacturers across  Canada and shipped directly to our customers. By doing this we cut out the middlemen and pass the savings on to you - our valued customer. 

We carry both branded and compatible alternatives (OEM branded vacuum bags) to provide you with range of affordable options. Above all, our mission is to provide you with quality and affordable vacuum products for all your home needs. 

There are multiple ways to find the vacuum bag that you're looking for on our website. Below are some of the ways you can narrow down your search.


Browse Vacuum Bags by Popular Brands

Browse top vacuum bags by popular brands, listed below is alphabetical order below:

3M Filtrete Vacuum Bags
Bissell Vacuum Bags
Bosch Vacuum Bags
Broan Vacuum Bags
Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags
CleanMax Vacuum Bags
Compact Vacuum Bags
Cyclovac Vacuum Bags
Dirt Devil Vacuum Bags
DustLock Vacuum Bags
Electrolux Vacuum Bags
Electron Vacuum Bags
Eup Vacuum Bags
Eureka Vacuum Bags
Euroclean Vacuum Bags
Evolution Vacuum Bags
Fakir Vacuum Bags
FilterQueen Vacuum Bags
Filtex Vacuum Bags
General Electric Vacuum Bags
Ghibli Vacuum Bags
Hoover Vacuum Bags
Intervac Vacuum Bags
Janitized Vacuum Bags
Johnny Vac Vacuum Bags
Kenmore Vacuum Bags
Kirby Vacuum Bags
Lindhaus Vacuum Bags
Miracle Mate Vacuum Bags
Nacecare Vacuum Bags
Nilfisk Vacuum Bags
Numatic Vacuum Bags
Nutone Vacuum Bags
Oreck Vacuum Bags
Panasonic Vacuum Bags
Proteam Vacuum Bags
Qualtex Vacuum Bags
Quick Clean Vacuum Bags
Riccar Vacuum Bags
Royal Vacuum Bags
Samsung Vacuum Bags
Sanitaire Vacuum Bags
Shopvac Vacuum Bags
Simplicity Vacuum Bags
Soniclean Vacuum Bags
Tacony Vacuum Bags
Taski Vacuum Bags
Tristar Vacuum Bags
Tubo Vacuum Bags
Vacumaid Vacuum Bags
Vortech Vacuum Bags
Windsor Vacuum Bags

Browse Vacuum Bags by Model Number

To find the vacuum bag that you're looking for we recommend the following:

1. Search our website by the make and model of your vacuum cleaner. For example "Oreck Signature Plus"

2. Search by model number. You can usually find it on the back of the your vacuum cleaner (sometimes hidden by cords and hoses)

3. Determine what type of bag your vacuum requires. There are several bag types that go from A to Z. For example, Type C bags are for upright vacuum cleaners, while Type G bags are typically for hand-held vacuum cleaners.

4. You can also check your vacuum manual. It often lists the manufacturer's recommendations for replacement bags.

You can search our website by clicking the magnifying glass as seen in the image below (it can be found on the top right corner of our website) and typing the vacuum bag name and model that you are looking for.


Breathe easy with the PureFilters Promise

Clean indoor air is essential to our well-being, and Canadians deserve a company that offers products to help them live a healthier life. PureFilters was founded with a mission - to help Canadians enjoy clean and healthy indoor air at an affordable price. Vacuuming your home and changing your vacuum bag regularly helps to improve your indoor air quality. By vacuuming up pet dander, dust, and other allergens from floors and surfaces, you reduce the number of irritants in the air that can cause and aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms.

But the big question is -  how often should change your vacuum bag? We're here to help. Look out for the following - low suction power when vacuuming, if there's a foul/musty smell coming from the bag, if you been vacuuming dusty material (like plaster or dust from home renovations), if you have pets and kids and vacuum almost daily (then you might need to replace your bag monthly), and if your vacuum comes with a light indicator (like Miele vacuums) and it comes on, don't wait any longer. 

We're also here if you need help finding the vacuum bag that you're looking for. Feel free to contact us via live chat, or email us at